Fabio Capello not getting Pressurized by his Club Position

The manager of the Russia National Football team, Fabio Capello, is not getting pressurized with the fact that his side is at the no. 3 position in the Euro qualification Group at the moment.

Capello has the belief that at the end of the qualifying stage, Russia would be in the top two teams in Group G and would earn the qualification to the main tournament that would take place in France in June-July next year.

In the most recent of their qualifying games in November, the Russians fell 0-1 to Austria and that got them down in the standings.

Prior to that, they were in top two with a couple of draws and a win in three games.

It was a very tight game, Russia versus Austria, with the defenders on show doing a heck of a job for their respective sides.

It could well have been third draw on the trot for Russia and had it been the case, they would have stayed at the second position in the table with 6 points, but, a slight error cost them the goal in the 73rd minute of the game and that was the killer blow.

However, Capello is not that disappointed about Austria result. It’s the result of the Moldova game that upset him more. He reckons his team should have won that game.

However, according to the coach, if the Moldova game is barred, where he felt that the body language of the team could have been a little better, he has been happy with the overall effort.

Speaking the other evening in an event, the 68-year old said, “We would have liked to have slightly better outcomes in the games that have gone by, but, the boys have given it their all. Yes, that game against Moldova, you can say that the fearless approach was not there at times, but, barring that, it’s been quite okay.”