25 thoughts on “McGeady learns Russian, still misses Old Firm derby at Spartak

  1. The most Scottish sounding Irish man I’ve ever heard in my whole entire life!
    Aiden McGeady is really a bit of a scum bag.

  2. @baillie67 I don’t think Aberdeen fans are that bad. Also we have a bit of debt but its not too bad.

  3. @andrew1903 In my book thats why i want to see your team and its bigoted disgusting fans down the tubes for good.Fuck you’s.

  4. @itsRepaws No ! lol just kidding but I know Forrest and Commons are good but I think we should try to sign aiden again

  5. he ended up playing for ireland because the scottish youth system was so poor.

  6. fried mars bars the golden fry chippy kirkwood coatbridge 1997 to 1998 r.i.p it was so delicious and snickers tazbars freddos and galaxy caramel they stopped it because it was to much cleaning the fryers that was st james rc primary school lunch and then straight back to school for a game of fitball they times will be missed

  7. @TheFrankMcQ Played for one half of the gruesome twosome and picked Ireland over Scotland. In my book this equates scum.

  8. @TheFrankMcQ I was joking. I was trying to make the point that he is scum and a massive traitor.

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