25 thoughts on “Roman Pavlyuchenko of Spartak Moscow

  1. olha os lagartos com esperança ahhahahahaha
    acham que um jogador da premier sai para uma equipa de portugal? ahahahhah

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  3. I could go on… Bellamy, Crouch, Ngog, Lucas… You’re manager hasn’t got a clue! The money wasted is ridiclous.

  4. LOL great team? Dillusional scouse. Rafa is a joke, the sooner he’s gone the better. Just because some yanks promise money doesn’t mean you go & throw away the money you do have on shit overrated players. Veronin? Who the fuck is that? Babel? Needs a decent coach to shine. Keane? Best 4m you’ve ever lost right? Johnson? He’s done well, but 18m for a full-back? He’s 7m tops! Aqualani? He’ll be good, for 20m he should be fucking great! Rafa showed his cluelessness by prefering Barry to Alonso!

  5. Theres a possibility that he may do a campbell and go to Arsenal, he has the height, technical ability and strength Arsenal need.

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