25 thoughts on “russian hooligans dynamo moscow (white) vs spartak moscow cam2

  1. @nickybunnz Don’t get me wrong, but this more fair. Hollow geeza is for sure end of business. But that is jus not purpose.

  2. @nickybunnz Just out of interest… u got any hoolie groups in ny? or u jus shoot? where u get the honour from? What in your eyes is fair fight? DO u like football?

  3. I guess the days of playing chess against a stranger in the streets of moscow have passed these gentleman by….

  4. why can’t we have this in england im a sheff united fan and would love to meet the wendy so called firm of fags in the woods and kick the shit out of em

  5. we got all the testosterone out of our systems before leaving school…..ever heard of girls…

  6. I have a request for those badass moscow hooligans. Could you please start hating RSC Anderlecht? they’re from belgium and they think they’re it. thank you 🙂

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