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  1. Hello, people.
    I am a Brazilian striker, I am 19 years old, my dream is to have an opportunity outside of Brazil, to help my mother, I ask if any impresario, a player, a scout, that they see this comment please see my videos and me a chance, I just need a chance.

  2. you know why spartak sucks? cuz they had dumb brazilans
    get russian like spartak used to good old titov pavlyuchenko it was a great team then

  3. Take a look at fcporto.pt and see the provocative initial video that is being used to present the match against Spartak. As a proud Russian, I would never allow a foreign club to use this kind of images (world war II, that caused so many Russian deaths) to promote a match without punishment. I hope you get the chance to “discuss” this matter with them in the 2nd leg in Moscow. Good luck Spartak!

  4. @yanek58 позорное время Спартака, стыдно вспоминать, слава Богу заиграли при Карпине!!!

  5. Celtic & St. Pauli will always be a greater club than Spartak.

    Bigger fan base and more passionaite and supportive fans.
    Remember 07 😉

  6. Привет из Сербии! Православные братья навек Спартак, Црвена Звезда, Олимпијакос!!!

  7. Поздрав браћо! Црвена звезда + Спартак! Православна браћа заувек!!!

  8. не позорьтесь сами и не позорьте РОССИЮ идите в деревни учитесь играть и болеть

  9. нда мясо что-то там вякает? или думает что играть умеет ихняя команда? как они болеют (( позорище так команда и позорится

  10. stauce, khlestov, nikiforov, ivanov, cherenkov, karpine, rodionov, tsymbalar, bestchastnykh, yuran et radioniov eto bilo Bolshoya Komanda, lutchaya komanda spartaké

  11. 3 countries,2 colors(red white)one faith,ortodox…Spartak,Crvena Zvezda,Olimpiacos….

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