Waving Fan Asked To Pay

The Russian court has directed a Spartak Moscow supporter to pay a whooping 40000 USD compensation to the club as he waved a flag with the Nazi swastika symbol on it. During November, Spartak Moscow was fined 16896 USD and was ordered by the Russian Football Association to play 2 matches behind shut doors for the unwanted violence that happened during the match, also including the Nazi swastika banner display. The Spartak fan was sued by the Club for the damages done and he had to compensate 15m rubbles which is a little more than 4,22,000 USD.

The Leninsky District Court, situated in Vladimir city where the supporter was reported to reside, partially granted the clubs claim and directed the fan to compensate around 1.5m rubbles which amounted to somewhat 42,240 USD. This scandalous incident happened while the Spartak’s game of the Russia Cup was going on, which Shinnik Yaroslavl bagged with a lucky penalty kick on the seventieth minute. In order to tackle the pandemonium which the supporters threw by letting off flares, fighting with the police and throwing seats, the match had to be paused for twenty odd minutes. The incident lead to 78 unfortunate arrests.

Most Russian sports newspapers came out with outraged headlines focusing that hooliganism was threatening to ruin the game of football there as the country gets ready to host World Cup 2018.  Spartak Moscow is considered to be one of the most popular and successful clubs in Russia. Bagging twelve Soviet Championship, 9 out of nineteen Russian Tournaments along with lifting the Russian Cup three times and the Soviet Cup ten times, the club has gained much popularity.

Meanwhile Shinnik is bordering on the brink of bankruptcy. The Regional Commercial Court of Yaroslavl is yet to consider the lawsuit filed by Pro Sports Management on 24th March, to declare this 2nd tier club as bankrupt.