25 thoughts on “Celtic v Spartak Moscow Penalty Shootout

  1. “Sadly it’s an Italian linesman on the far side and not a Russian linesman…” Brilliant! Hahaha

  2. в том матче Селтик должен был лететь крупно..
    FCSM forever!

  3. I Hate how every penalty Spartak score the Commentator has a bonner And when they miss it’s never a good save !! But when celtic score it”s just good penalty !!

  4. @TheRealShaneMacGowan no mate I’m a Ross County fan but I do support Rangers as well. But let’s face it the SPL is one of the worst leagues in the world and if you are trying to say Celtic are better than Spartak Moscow now well you are wrong sir I don’t even support Spartak Moscow I support CSKA Moscow and I know for a fact that CSKA Moscow are better than Celtic.

  5. @AndrewRCFC97 Nah, in this year’s Europa we beat Rennes and drew twice with Udinese. Both them are better than Spartak. I’m guessing you’re a Rangers fan who is hurting after getting pumped by Malmo and Maribor? This is only 3 years ago anyway ffs. Cunt.

  6. All Scottish teams are bad now. If Celtic played spartak Moscow again Spartak Moscow would win everyone knows that.

  7. seriously celtic hid a good few strikers an we gave thum aw away wtffffffff

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