23 thoughts on “Leeds – Spartak Moscow. Russia-England. Moscow

  1. “were stood” a fuck… and the one “sleeping” on the ground? and their clapping and grinning seem a lot more very anxious… they got their underwear dirty……

  2. @MrBizov Пхахаха,не пользуйся больше гугл-переводчиком

  3. это кони накрывают МЮ!дибилы, анализируйте))

  4. Shut up you Turkish cunt. Didn’t fancy coming to Leeds did you? Your mother is a nasty slut who’ll get her throat cut. Haha!
    And p.s, they’re not Leeds fans.

  5. @clydewell zahuahuhuahauh 😀 awww what sweet fans :D:D:D moron english fans xD even russians fucked u, did u eat russian cock in metro? how was it? taste?

  6. @bobb22ful It’s fake you idiot for a film this is not real why would they clap them after kicking their asses also why would the Russian policemen just stand there. Also why would they shout insults from outside the train when the doors are open and they can run in it doesn’t make sense. Their certainly not English fans as there’s no english branded clothes this is fake.

  7. @THEUNITEDKINGDOM56 you sound like a fucking millwall fan you idiot,,,lol,,,everybody knows that spartak fans will kick your fucking ass you wanker,,,now shut the fuck up and prey that spartak let’s you UK faggots live!


  9. @GreatPersia2010
    Девочка моя, сиди лучше дома и не лезь в чужие разговоры)

  10. what makes you think they from Leeds? if they were they’d have done the Russian cunts. and you you Turkish fuck I’ll spit on your mum.

  11. these fuking leeds fans again..

    they messed with us when they were in here.. final: 2 leeds fan died

  12. Эти англичане прошли уже через все это ,им не надо было это, ввязываться с малолетками, достаточно просто посмотрев на них

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