Spartak Moscow Warns Barcelona for Jordan Larsson


Spartak Moscow has warned Barcelona for ending the deal with Jordan Larsson. According to this football club, he was the son of Henrik who has just been appointed as Blaugrana coach. 

According to the news, Spartak Moscow has directly warned the football club that, if they are going to warn the Sweden international, they have to pay 100 million Euros as a fee. However, most of the experts are considering it as not so important and it won’t have any impact further. Though, it is possible that Jordan is one day desired by the popular European football clubs. 

One thing is to mention that Jordan is the son of Henrik who was a very popular Blaugrana striker. At the present time, Jordan Larsson is still top on popularity because of his 21 goals from the 52 appearances for the Moscow club. He has also shown his talent for NEC, Norrkoping, and Helsingborg. 

His talent and strike rate was awesome. This is the main reason; he was able to attract the attention of maximum football experts around the globe. Most of the European football clubs have shown their interest in Jordan. His performance and unique style helped to increase the popularity within a short period of time. 

Jordan’s father Henrik won the Championship league and along with 2 La Liga in his tenure with Barcelona. He was at his top form the year 2004 to 2006 and therefore, he has won a great status among the fans. Henrik is 48 now and he has enjoyed a number of managers along with other skills during his career. 

Jordan Larsson is the star footballer and Spartak Moscow is not willing to decouple with him at any cost. Therefore, it is warning the most precious football club in Europe for this star player. Hopefully, the outcome will be positive within a few days.